Sunday, August 22, 2010

OK--so we haven't been posting on the blog much . . . .

We took a four day trip to the grand canyon. Fred lost his Hibbert's hat on the train, so he had to wear a "Grand Canyon" hat instead . . . .

It looks like we've been updating the website more often than we've been blogging! Go to the website to see the new Door page!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Goat Mobile

Hi, I haven't posted in quite Some time.
Lately I've been tinkering with a mobile goat mobile for my daughter's Nigerian dwarf Goat. It's her 4-H project. We use it to keep the brush down between the rows of a friend's orchard outside of town. It's the kid's dailly chore to move the pen, leaving behind cropped grass and fertilizer. We're using a used Dog run, which was to akward for the girls, so I installed wheels. Now the girls can move it by themselves. It's also useful because a tarp can be easily stretched accross the top, sheltering the goats from the weather and sun.

Friday, November 21, 2008

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Quick trip for fascia

I ran out of fascia on a job--okay a short take off.
So rather than having to button up my truck, I left my helper, Rob, working out of the truck and I made a quick run to Hibbert's for the stuff I should have had on hand. Well, at least I got some exercise, and didn't have to disrupt my helpers work flow by taking the truck.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Our New Web Page

Charlie finished programming our web page last month.  Here is the link:  
Thanks Charlie!!  
-- Andrea.  

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bike Cart update

I've used it about a week. Already had 2 slow leaks. I replace the tubes, and filled them with "Slime". Hopefully, it'll take care of the leaks caused by the puncture vine thorns that are endemic to this area. I attached the extension to make it 8 ft. long. This is a little awkward, but useful for really long loads.. When it's at 64 inches, the wheels are at the back, and you can role it like a dolly when it's unhitched--very convenient.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Bike Cart

This is my first post on our new blog. We actually have some news, other than that. We also started using our new Bike Cart from Since most, if not all, of our work is in Davis, so far it's made some sense to utilize the trailer for anything under about 300 pounds that doesn't have a serious time constraint. Most of the trips from jobsites to the shop, or Hibbert's lumber are less than 3 miles. My utility bed truck only gets 9 miles per gallon. It's funny though, I almost need as much water per mile, to fuel the "engine" for the cart, as I did gas for the truck. I've been having difficulty finding the time--or the motivation--to exercise outside of work. This kills two birds with one stone. I get exercise, save on the gym member I wouldn't use, and move materials and tools, with almost a zero carbon footprint. Not to mention the fixed costs of another vehicle ($10,000+ per year), which was the other option I was looking at.